Sofa Cleaning Service Sydney- How To Clean Fabric Sofa In A Right Way?

Sofa Cleaning Service Sydney- How To Clean Fabric Sofa In A Right Way?

Who doesn’t want to spend a leisurely evening sitting on the favorite sofa and watching TV? Indeed we all do! However, regular rough use, pets, and children make the couch dirty over time. Sometimes the condition looks so difficult to handle. That time you might need a professional hand for good Sofa cleaning service in Sydney. In this post, we’ll share some simple steps to clean your sofa and make it look like new.

How to Clean Fabric Sofa Effectively?

Although you are very careful, the regular use of them makes the surface of the sofa absorb a lot of dirt.  They may not be so visible. But the dust and mites are there, and you will have to know how to clean a sofa in order to ensure the healthy living of you and your family. The dirt that is less visible, apart from being harmful to health, makes the sofa look dull, and the colors of the fabric look muted.

To start cleaning your sofa, you will have to first remove the dust embedded in the fabric. With the help of the vacuum cleaner, start working neatly from side to side. Don’t forget to insist on the fold areas and recesses. This will probably also have lint.
Although the sofa doesn’t have any particular stains, it must be cleaned often. Indeed we can’t see them but the dirt accumulates in the form of dust particles, mites … and if the sofa is upholstered that dirt makes it look less lucid.

3 simple steps to clean your fabric sofa

• Pass the vacuum and pay special attention to the corners and recesses.
• Follow an order, in that way, you won’t forget any corner.
• Finally, flip the couch and vacuum underneath.

If the sofa is removable as well as washable, before removing the covers, use a vacuum cleaner and clean it thoroughly. If your sofa has a particular stain, try to remove them before washing. Put the covers in a washing machine and choose a cold program that doesn’t spin too much and use a mild detergent. Always dry in the shade and iron inside out.

How to clean stubborn spots on fabric sofas

Children, pets, a toast …, actually you can’t avoid stains. They will always exist. And even if your sofa can be pulled out and machine washed, you will first have to treat the stain.

If it turns out that you have poured a good amount of red wine, the first thing you should do is to absorb the liquid with a paper towel. Then, impregnate a rag with white wine (surprised, right!). Then gently tap on the stain.

Finally, wash with water and neutral soap. If the stain is of white wine, mix the water with salt to form a paste and put the mixture on the white wine stain. Leave for a few minutes and wash the portion with soap and water.

Coffee and tea stains

Rub with absorbent paper and remove the stain. If the stain persists, you need to take a liquid detergent and shake it in a container to create soap bubbles.
Place the bubbles on the stain. Let them act for a few minutes and then remove the stain with a cloth soaked in 10% ammonia diluted in water. Dry immediately with a hairdryer by directing the air jet from the outside towards the center of the wet area.

Hope this post helps. For better assistance with Fabric sofa cleaning service in Sydney, feel free to reach us! We are just a call away.