Dry cleaning Sofa-Everything That you should Know

Dry cleaning Sofa-Everything That you should Know

Sofa Cleaning Service Sydney- How To Clean Fabric Sofa In A Right Way?

Dry cleaning of the sofa is the most appropriate cleaning alternative when our sofa is not removable or the fabric is somewhat delicate. You can opt for the same even you simply don’t want to do a deep wash of the fabrics.  This procedure consists in performing an intense cleaning of the upholstery, It doesn’t require removing the covers, soaking them in water or putting them in the washing machine.

Generally, it is a treatment performed by professional experts using special chemicals to remove dirt and stains.  With this, you don’t need to apply water and detergents as in a common wash.

Dry cleaning of sofa: Types of Fabric

Before applying any cleaning technique it is important to know about the type of textile used in the upholstery of the sofa. You must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for daily hygiene as well. The vast majority of sofas are dressed with synthetic fiber fabrics or blends with natural fabrics. This is to ensure greater resistance and durability of the same. So they allow dry cleaning without problems. However, it is necessary to review the instruction label for washing. You can find them between the cushions.

 Choosing the right cleaning products

As we already mentioned there are a wide variety of products available in the market specially designed to do dry cleaning. You can use liquid detergents or dry foam sprays.  You can also prepare them in the home using different components such as solvents, ammonia, chlorine or alcohol. All you need to do is to take care of its ingredients.  They should be able to produce a good amount of foam, penetrate the tissue. This will help in removing grease, dust, and dirt. Always choose the products that evaporate easily. This will allow the furniture to dry very quickly. These also work as time savers.

Products with perchloroethylene for sofa cleaning

Among the most popular compounds, you can distinguish products with perchloroethylene. It is usually associated with dry cleaning with the use of water vapor. It increases the risks of skin irritation, causes respiratory problems by inhalation or other discomforts. So, you should handle them with care. Don’t forget wearing gloves and do the cleaning in a well-ventilated place. It’s always better to call professionals for dry cleaning a sofa.

Products based on glycol ethers for sofa cleaning

There are also products based on glycol ethers. They evaporate easily and help dissolve the dirty glued to the surface of the fabric with ease. As well as other softer detergents, alkaline and neutral agents are good for a homemade cleaning of the sofa .

Before choosing the product to use, make sure that none of its components is contraindicated by the manufacturer for its application on the fabric of the sofa. It is also favorable to perform a test using the product in a small area of ​​the lesser visible upholstery. If the color doesn’t fade, or the texture or appearance of the fabric doesn’t change, you can use them.

Hope this post helps. For more information on a professional sofa cleaning, feel free to reach us!