Pet Stain

Pet Stain

pet stain

Pet Stain Removal Sydney

We have also a special stain removal technique to clean a hard to harder stain from your mattresses. We try our best to provide you a clean and tidy mattress. So contact Top Ryde Carpet Cleaning for any kind of carpet cleaning, home cleaning or other special cleaning services.

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We have two effective methods to clean the urine stain:

1) To clean the surface from up side
If the urine stain is in carpet fibers and not penetrated the carpet backing, behind the carpet or floor then only, we can use this method. It’s a cheaper method because it doesn’t require the lifting of the carpet.

2) Pet urine has penetrated the carpet from both the side and floor as well. In this situation, we need to follow below steps to clean the urine stain:

  • Team from Top Ryde Carpet Cleaning will lift the carpet and inspect the situation carefully to decide whether a standard steam clean and deodorize is sufficient or not
  • We clean the soil available under the carpet and wash the floor properly with the required chemicals and detergents
  • Then we use our bio enzymatic treatment on both sides of the carpet and massage it properly. After that, we steam clean it to extract the waste and apply Hydrocide Odor neutralizer
  • On the final stage, we relay carpet. Handle the stains by releasing hydroxide stain remover slowly and also spray deodorizer where it requires the most

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