Clean Carpet Regularly: Is it Necessary to Remove Carpet Stains?

Clean Carpet Regularly: Is it Necessary to Remove Carpet Stains?

Clean Carpet Regularly: Is it Necessary to Remove Carpet Stains?


Having rugs at home or in business is a delight, isn’t it? It makes the environment more cozy, warm and decorated. But rugs and carpets can be villains for allergy sufferers. And that is why it is important to know why should you clean the carpet properly! To know more about efficient carpet cleaning, click here.

Why Should We Clean the Carpet?

Allergic rhinitis is a problem that affects 30% of adults and 26% of children in the U.S.A. Sneezing seizures, itchy nose, and nasal obstruction are some common symptoms of the same. The dust accumulated on household objects like the carpet is a poison to those who have this disease. That’s why it is necessary to clean the carpet of your home periodically.

When the person with an allergy gets a severe rhinitis attack, the symptoms directly hinder their daily lives. Because it is a respiratory disease, it hinders sleep, as it usually makes it difficult to breath in and out properly once you lie down on the bed.

This impairs productivity in common activities. For example, if the allergic person is a teenager, they will probably miss a few days of school. And if you are an adult, you may lose your concentration and pace of work or even need a sick leave. Knowing how to clean a carpet that accumulates dust is the best way to mitigate this problem. You can check out this video to understand this better.

How to Remove Stains of a Carpet with Homemade Solutions?

Dropped food or a drink on your rug? Stay calm! You can remove it easily with the ingredients that you already have in your closet and get a clean carpet.

Ingredients that you’ll need  

  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Sodium bicarbonate.

Now, for cleaning the carpet stains, mix these two ingredients into a fizzy solution and apply only to the spot of the stain. Leave it for a few minutes. Then simply remove the mixture with a dry white paper without ink.

Don’t rub the mixture as you may spread the stain to other areas. Avoid using papers with some old newspapers. They may drop ink and make the problem worse.

Some stains, such as those caused by tea and more, may need more powerful cleaning and liquid detergent is the ideal ingredient for this. 

Ingredients that you’ll need 

  • 1 liter of water;
  • ¼ cup neutral liquid detergent.

Mix the two ingredients in the exact ratio until they begin to foam. Then, with a soft brush, rub this foam over the stain in a circular motion. This will remove all the dirt that is embedded in the carpet fiber.

Finally, remove the foam with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry. To optimize the process, use a hairdryer.

Use vinegar for  cleaning fabric carpet

Vinegar is a special product when it comes to cleaning any carpet stain. Besides being a great sanitizer, it kills germs, helps to remove stains and fight odors. See how to use it to clean a carpet.

Ingredients that you’ll need 

  • Warm water
  • Neutral detergent
  • White vinegar

Dilute the detergent in a bucket of warm water and add three cups of vinegar. Apply the mixture over the grubby part of the fabric and rub gently. Wipe the mixture with a damp cloth and let it dry. If necessary, repeat the entire process.

Hope this post helps in understanding how important it is to clean your home carpet periodically. If you feel that you need to hire the best carpet cleaning services to fulfill your carpet cleaning needs, click here.