Save Money And Avoid Replacing the Carpet By Choosing An Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

Save Money And Avoid Replacing the Carpet By Choosing An Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

6 Jun

Save Money And Avoid Replacing the Carpet By Choosing An Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning Method

To clean the carpet, there are plenty of methods available. To clean different kinds of carpets, you need to choose an appropriate method. People generally use the same method for all kinds of carpets, but in reality, you should use the perfect method that is required to clean a particular fiber carpet. Carpets are made of different types of materials, so some materials required extra care as well as some more technical methods to clean them without harming the finish. There are a number of cleansers that work best on some of the carpets while the same cleansers can harm some kind of carpets as well. You should be aware of what type of carpet you are using and when you hire any carpet cleaning service provider, they are using the right technique or not to clean it

Don’t take chances if your carpet is expensive or heavily damaged. Hire a carpet cleaner is the best way to clean it. If you clean the carpet by yourself without having knowledge of proper method, it can harm your carpet and you might be in condition to replace your own carpet.

Read the blog to know different kinds of carpet cleaning methods and how they work. It is probably a good idea to know about them.

Here are the carpet cleaning methods that you should be aware of:

·        Dry Cleaning

This is the most popular method to clean the carpet. Most of the carpet cleaning providers also recommend this method. If you clean the carpet via this method, your carpet will not take a longer time in drying process and will be clean in minimum time while in other methods, it takes a longer amount of time.

With the help of special cleaning powder, the carpet can be cleaned immediately. It spreads on all over the carpet and then it immediately attracts the dust. Keep it on the carpet for an appropriate amount of time, it will absorb the dust particles, then sucked by vacuum and then you will get the carpet the same as new one.

Oxygen Cleansers are also used to clean the carpet. This is also a good technique. In this method, the carpet stays wet for a longer amount of time, but the oxygen bubbles lift all the dirt out of the  base of the carpet, and clean the carpet effectively. You will get a quality result via this technique.

·        Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning via steam is also a well known method to clean the carpet. It is used in the cases where you need to clean a hardly damaged carpet. In this method, a large amount of water requires to clean the carpet. Steam cleaning must require proper attention otherwise it can damage your carpet as well. If it applies properly and not too frequently, you can get the best result with this method.

This method is also popular as “Hot water extraction”. A powerful machine sprays a large amount of hot water and cleanser solution on the carpet to clean it with perfectly. The machine then removes the cleanser with the powerful suction process. This method keeps the carpet wet for a longer amount of time.  We recommend not using this method on a regular basis, you can use this method after one or two times of dry cleaning of carpet method.


Even you have these much knowledge of carpet cleaning now, we recommend you to hire professionals for this work. A small mistake can harm your carpet a lot and you might in need of replacement of carpet as well.  Top Ryde Carpet Cleaning can provide you the perfect solution for all kinds of carpet cleaning requirements. Call on 02 8014 8892 for the free quote.