How to Do A Perfect Carpet Cleaning for 5 Different Types of Carpets

How to Do A Perfect Carpet Cleaning for 5 Different Types of Carpets

How to Do A Perfect Carpet Cleaning for 5 Different Types of Carpets

From the bedroom to the living room, the selection of the right carpet can transform the look of your home decor. However, there are a lot of varieties of carpets available in the market. Each of them has its peculiarities when it comes to carpet cleaning. To prevent allergies and the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful organisms, we need to take care of the proper cleaning of the carpets periodically.  Want to know more? To meet all your carpet cleaning needs,  we, a renowned carpet cleaning company in Sydney have prepared a complete guide about the correct way to clean the most common types of carpet. Check it out! To know more about professional carpet cleaning, click here

1. Carpet Type: Shag 

Method of Cleaning

One of the trendiest carpets – also known as shaggy – makes the atmosphere of any room more comfortable and cozy. However, the coat also requires greater care so that the piece does not accumulate germs or mites.

To clean this type of carpet, start by vacuuming it to remove all dust. Then prepare a mixture with an equal proportion of water and detergent and apply it to its surface.

You can use a soft brush to remove stains by gently brushing down the strands. If your carpet hair is longer, you can also mix fabric softener with the soapy water solution to make it softer to the touch.

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2. Carpet Type: Persian

Method of Cleaning

Classic Persian carpets are often made of materials such as wool and silk, dyed with natural pigments – which requires even greater care while cleaning. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the fringes on the sides and remove all dust from the carpet.

Wash it with cold water and mild soap. This helps to prevent the color from fading. Besides, to remove stubborn stains such as coffee, wine or pet stains, use a little white vinegar, detergent, and water on the affected area. In this way, you can clean a Persian carpet. Check out this video to understand more:

3. Carpet Type: Synthetic 

     Method of Cleaning

Synthetic rugs are usually more affordable and are made of fibers such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Because they are sturdier, they are ideal for living rooms or corridors. Carpet cleaning Sydney recommends you to often wash them with hand and remove stains easily with a little water and detergent.

4. Carpet Type: Natural Fibre

    Method of Cleaning

Known for their more rustic look, natural fiber mats can be made of materials such as sisal, coconut fiber, jute, seagrass and mountain grass. Therefore, to clean them, first, shake the carpet and vacuum to remove dust. Then use mild soap for the extension of natural fibers and rinse with a damp cloth to remove the moisture.

5. Carpet Type: Bathroom Mats

Method of Cleaning

Bathroom mats, both woven and rubber deserve special attention to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. To wash rubber parts, use warm or hot water and little bleach. Always remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. For bathroom rugs made of fabric, you can put them in the washing machine and use hot water to eliminate mold and other harmful organisms.

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