Carpet Washing Service- Why is It Required for Carpet Care As well As Healthy Living

Carpet Washing Service- Why is It Required for Carpet Care As well As Healthy Living

With the help of a carpet washing service, you can keep your favorite rug clean. However, sanitization does disinfect the carpet and provides better carpet care. Remember, when it comes to carpet cleaning, there is a big difference between cleanliness and sanitation.

Cleaning Vs. Sanitization by Carpet Washing Service

Before you go for hiring a carpet washing service, it is important to understand how sanitization and cleaning differs. The removal of dirt is called cleaning. You can do it with or without the use of water and cleaning products, removing solid or liquid residues. So, cleaning prepares the environment for more efficient carpet care with the help of a professional carpet washing service. Check here to understand the process better.

On the other hand, sanitization is the process of eliminating living microorganisms such as fungi, mites, and bacteria from the carpet. Proper sanitization of the carpet effectively removes bad odors that come from the urine of pets and more.

Carpet Cleaning

People tend to worry about personal well-being. However, few people know the importance and necessity of cleaning the carpet and the care that is needed to sanitize the rug properly. The carpet is something that we use throughout the day. It is an indispensable daily use product in ou day to day life.  But unfortunately, we forget to bother to clean and sanitize it properly!


What makes the carpet the dirtiest item in a room?

This is because people don’t have the habit of cleaning and disinfecting the carpet properly. However, the habit of cleaning and sanitizing the carpet eliminates the mites, fungi, and bacteria from it.

Mites live and proliferate on carpets daily. Therefore, they are responsible for 70% of people’s respiratory allergies, causing serious problems, especially for those who are already suffering from diseases such as sinusitis, rhinitis, and others. So, we can easily understand the importance of hiring a carpet washing service.

Why does the carpet develop so much mite, fungus, and bacteria?

Because the carpet is a favorable habitat for the proliferation of fungi, mites, and bacteria. The carpet absorbs a lot of dirt, is moist and our skin provides the necessary food for its survival. Therefore, the carpet is the best place to survive for them!

Why do dust mites live and proliferate rapidly on the carpet?

The human body provides the necessary food through the daily flaking of the skin, which provides all the food that they need to survive. The carpet has the ideal temperature and heat for fungal development. 

How long do mites live?

The normal life cycle of a mite is 90 days and it produces 200 eggs during its life cycle. And there are hundreds of species on your carpet. Therefore, over a year, a carpet can accumulate about 5 million mites.

However, in 10 years, the dead mites on your carpet can make your carpet double in weight. You would be frightened by how many species live on your carpet if you could see it through a microscope. So, it’s always a good decision to hire a carpet washing service for the periodic cleaning of a carpet. 

Where can mites be found?

These arachnids (belong to the spider family) are microscopic. Therefore, they can be found in carpets, cuddly toys, pillows, curtains and pets. 

Tips on how to stop mites with the help of a carpet washing service?

  • Vacuum the carpet at least three times a week to remove dust.
  • Apply a mixture of 250ml of vinegar, 100ml of softener to 1 liter of water.
  • Wipe the carpet surface with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Sanitize with 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide once a month, diluted in 1 liter of water.
  • Keep the environment ventilated and expose to sunlight to kill dust mites and combat the moisture of the carpet.

 There are specific carpet washing services that offer carpet cleaning and sanitation solutions with specific equipment that guarantee a thorough cleaning of the carpet by eliminating dust mites, fungi, and bacteria.

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