Carpet Cleaning Sydney: How To Get Rid Of Mites And Stains

Carpet Cleaning Sydney: How To Get Rid Of Mites And Stains


Waking up and having your feet touched with that cute, warm texture is a wonderful feeling, especially if you live in a cold country like Australia. Carpet is one of the favorite pieces for those who are looking for thermal comfort or just like to have that cozy feel. And in order to maintain all its beauty and comfort, it is important to ensure a periodic cleaning routine.  In this article, we have organized a step by step guide for carpet cleaning Sydney. Check it out!

What are the benefits of hiring carpet cleaning services in Sydney for keeping your carpet always clean?

Did you know that the accumulation of mold and dust mites can cause and aggravate respiratory diseases? If you have asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis and have carpets at home, you should always keep them clean to avoid allergic and respiratory crises. This is essential care, especially for those with children and the elderly at home. Beyond the health issue, keeping your carpet clean helps to increase its durability and ensure impeccable product aesthetics. So, you can definitely seek professional help for carpet cleaning in Sydney. You can also check for some cool DIY tricks here.

How you should clean the carpet 

To prevent dust mite build-up on your carpet, a tip is to focus on periodic carpet cleaning in Sydney. It may seem laborious, but with the help of the vacuum cleaner, you can handle it quickly. It is recommended that this most superficial cleaning take should take place once a week or every 15 days. 

The time may vary according to the size, color, style and even the room you are in and the movement of people on your carpet. A deeper cleaning should be done every one or two years. Ideally, you should hire a specialist carpet cleaning company in Sydney to do the job and make your carpet perfect.

Complete step by step carpet cleaning Guide

Surface cleaning with the vacuum cleaner

  1. Remove all objects and furniture from the top of your carpet;
  1. Slowly pull the vacuum cleaner towards the fibers so that no particles escape;
  1. To get rid of the bad odor, you can use vinegar: dilute it with water in a 1 to 2 ratio. Put the mixture in the spray and spread it all over the carpet;
  1. Let it dry naturally.

Cleaning to remove stains

Before you begin, it is important to note that it is best to clean up immediately after the stain occurs, even a professional carpet cleaning service in Sydney recommends the same.

  1. Dissolve one tablespoon of mild detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 liter of warm water.
  1. Add some baking soda on top of the stain.
  1. Shake the mixture into a foam and apply to the desired area in a circular motion.
  1. Wait a few minutes and remove the foam with a dry cloth.
  1. Dry the place with clean cloth. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Don’t hesitate to hire professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney for the best results. Click here to know more.