Carpet Cleaner- How They Help in Cleaning Shag Carpets?

Carpet Cleaner- How They Help in Cleaning Shag Carpets?


Reconciling work and home care is a challenge that is a part of every adult’s daily life. Shag carpets are ideally great for a cozy and warm home and business decor. However, they get dirty very often and it gets difficult to clean them. A professional carpet cleaner can help you to clean them the best. In this post, we’ll help you to understand the role of a carpet cleaning business in terms of cleaning shag carpets. 

How Carpet Cleaners Help In Cleaning a Shag?

There are several ways to clean shag carpet, but the best is dry cleaning, as it does not harm the threads. Besides, the method has another advantage…any carpet cleaning business performs this in a cost-effective manner.

The main thing that professional carpet cleaners use is a good vacuum cleaner, like Ambiance Turbo. They give a compact, powerful, versatile cleaning. With a special pet care nozzle, they remove the urine of the pets from the shag.  This helps in facilitating the proper cleaning of your favorite shag and ensures a healthy home or business environment. Check out how it actually works.

The Process of Cleaning

After vacuuming the rug,  good professional carpet cleaners use effective cleaning solutions. They spread it over the fabric.  After an hour they vacuum the shag again. The chemical reaction of these substances helps in killing the mites and fungi.

Are there any other methods?

If you don’t want to opt for dry cleaning, there are other alternatives that the best rug cleaner offers. It is noteworthy that, cleaning the shag carpet is real hard work. The professional carpet cleaners generally vacuum the carpet first to remove the deeper dirt. This also prevents dust from spreading around the environment.

Other ways to clean shag carpet

Want some DIY tips from the best rug cleaner? Well, mix water, liquid soap, fabric softener and rub the shag with a sponge or brush. Remember to follow the direction of the wires to avoid damage. Using a fabric softener will help in securing the softness of the piece.

Vinegar can also contribute a lot when it comes to cleaning a shag carpet. It helps to sanitize, kill microorganisms, remove carpet stains and bad odor from the carpet. You can mix detergent in warm water and then add three cups of vinegar. With the mixture on the grubby part of the carpet, rub slowly and gently. Remove the mixture with a damp cloth and let it dry. If necessary, repeat the process. Once done, all the bad carpet stains will go away and you will get a new like shag!

If your dog often pees on the carpet, check out a homemade solution to solve this problem and eliminate odors. You will need a water spray, white vinegar, and some paper towels…that’s it!

When your dog pees on the carpet, press the spot with several layers of paper until it absorbs as much urine as possible. Then spray undiluted vinegar on the affected area. It will neutralize acidity in the urine, eliminate odor and kill germs. Apart from cleaning the place, this process helps to eliminate the strong smell of the urine and prevents your dog from considering the place as “marked territory”.

Hope this post helps! Feel free to rich a professional shag carpet cleaner today to enjoy an odorless, clean and healthy interior.