Carpet Washing Service For Rug Cleaning OR Do It Yourself: A Guide to Proper Care of Carpet

Carpet Washing Service For Rug Cleaning OR Do It Yourself: A Guide to Proper Care of Carpet

Carpet Washing Service For Rug Cleaning OR Do It Yourself: A Guide to Proper Care of Carpet

Keeping carpets clean, spotless and stain-free is not always an easy task. This requires some care, periodic cleaning, and the right products, sometimes hiring a carpet washing service can make your job a bit easier.

There are many types of washes, products, and carpet cleaning methods on the market.

However, you should be extra cautious before starting any process of carpet care. You should check first that the carpet can be washed or not, vacuumed or not, swept or not. You can check it out from the label that is placed on your rug. This simple thing can guarantee the durability and softness of your carpet.

To find out the ways of proper carpet care, you need to ask the seller before purchase. However, if it is already in use, hiring a carpet washing service is the best alternative for its cleaning and maintenance.

Check this out to understand the process of carpet cleaning better.

Taking Care Of Carpet- If You Haven’t Opt Out a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Yet

Look for a suitable and spacious place for carpet washing.

  • Wet the carpet with the hose; even a professional carpet washing service does the same.
  • Use a medium sponge to scrub the carpet;
  • Apply neutral detergent;
  • Rinse the piece thoroughly until the soap comes out completely.
  • Let the carpet dry in the shade. If you let the carpet dry out in the sun, there is a good chance that your piece will have yellow spots if you have any soap left on the carpet.

 Carpet Washing with Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Vacuum the entire carpet;
  • Sprinkle the baking soda ( Sodium Bicarbonate) on the piece.
  • Then with a sponge, spread vinegar without soaking;
  • Wait 40 to 60 minutes or until it dries well and then,  vacuum it thoroughly. This is something that a professional carpet washing service always takes care of.

Some Important Things That You Need to Take Care of

There are several products available in the market for cleaning carpets that are recommended by a professional carpet washing service. However, be careful with these materials. Before buying any carpet cleaning products be aware of the labels. Read the packaging carefully and make sure that the chosen product is good to apply to the type of carpet that you have at home.

Some Essential Tips

  • Forget the broom when cleaning the rugs
  • Vacuum the carpet at least once a week. If you can do it twice, it’s even better. It will prevent dust and mites from accumulating in your home.
  • Never scrub the carpet with brooms or thick bristle brushes, it leaves the rug hair ugly and worn out.
  • Never use bleach or detergent for carpet cleaning.
  • Check the proper vacuum nozzle to clean the carpet correctly. The T-shaped nozzle is the best choice, even a professional carper washing service uses the same.
  • If any stains occur on your carpet, clean it immediately. This can ensure complete removal of the stain without causing further damage.
  •  If you wash the rug, let it dry in the shade in such a place that has good air circulation.
  • Be careful while carpet washing, a professional carpet washing service never uses excess detergent on parts.
  • Beware of stain dilutions, each type of carpet calls for a different composition.

Hope this post helps! Now clean your carpets with extra efficiency by following these effective tips. For safe and thorough cleaning, never hesitate to hire a professional carpet washing service!